Oct 14, 2019

University of Ghent offers PhD opportunities in Belgium to international students, 2020

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The Department of European, Public and International Law is delighted to invite applications for the two PhD Positions Program at Ghent University for the 2020-2021 academic year.
At Ghent University, students can magnify their knowledge and learning new techniques which are used to jobs both in and out of academia. They will also have to manage long-term projects at the same time as short-term goals which requires strong organizational skills.

Degree level:

PhD Degree program.

Field of Study:

The studentships are available to pursue PhD program.

Scholarship Award: 

The university will provide starting salary for a person with six years of previous relevant experience and no family would be € 2334, 88 net per month for a PhD candidate but more for a post-doc researcher.


Applicants from all nationalities may apply for this application.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria are as follows;
  • Have earned their degree (Masters in PhD position; PhD in post-doc position) at the time of application or show convincingly that by 1 April 2020 they will have that degree in hand
  • Show familiarity with the court they are going to study
  • Be fluent in English as their main working language
  • Be in a position to spend periods of time abroad to conduct twice 3-month-long fieldwork and to participate in international conferences.
The following attributes are also highly desirable:
  • Direct experience of the institution to be studied (ideally having worked in the Registry of the Court you will study either as an intern or a lawyer
  • Command of a second official language of the Court
  • An academic background that helps to interrogate questions of evidence
  • Pre-existing networks are relevant to the research.
In addition to these project-specific elements, candidates are expected to:
  • Have the ability to work in a group separately
  • Have excellent academic writing/presentation skills
  • Contribute towards the general well-functioning of the team
  • Work in a meticulous way and be able to manage deadlines.

Applying procedure Instructions:

For candidates wishing to apply for scholarships, the following application guidance is intended:
  • The initial step is to ask for approval when applying for the grant. It is important to choose a PhD coursework at the university to take the affirmation directly from the students.  After being enrolled at the university, claimants can apply for the fund by submitting their application through email to marina.emmanouil@ugent.be.
  • You must have a master’s degree in law or a related social sciences discipline.
  • All seekers need to provide valid proof of the required level of Dutch at level B2 for the program.

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